Sightseeing Gdańsk

Gdańsk, a city with over 1000 years of history, has always been an unusual place whose stormy history made it one of the most important places in Europe. This capital of “Baltic Gold” used to attract amber merchants, and the proximity of the sea has always been good for holidaymakers. Today Gdańsk has countless attractions to offer for people from all walks of life, all of whom will undoubtedly be enchanted by them. Many of these attractions are located in the vicinity of Gdańsk Hotel.

In the heart of Gdańsk there is the Old Town where our hotel is located. Długa (Long) Street and its surrounding streets with tenement houses create a unique atmosphere.

If you are in Gdańsk you should climb the tower of the biggest brick church in Europe, St. Mary`s Church, to see the breathtaking view of the panorama of the city.

Another attraction you simply cannot miss is the oldest port crane that has been preserved in Europe: this 15th century crane, a symbol of Gdańsk, is visible from the windows of our Hotel.

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