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Tricity in three days

More than a thousand years old Gdansk is considered as the richest monuments in the city of "Baltic Europe". Gdansk is situated on the banks of the Motlawa River and has one of the most beautiful Old Towns in Europe. Hotel Gdańsk BOUTIQUE is the best boutique hotel in Gdansk and a true flagship hotel of Gdansk. Uniquely situated by the picturesque yacht marina, in the heart of the city, the hotel is often recognized as a special place in the city center.

We invite you for a 3-day stay, accompanied by a guided tour by Retro car with a licensed guide. Listen to the whispers of the old walls, discover the secrets of the gates and picturesque streets, step into the backdrop of the life of the inhabitants of Gdansk and discover all the wonders of an extraordinary perspective. You're welcome!


Package 2 nights, 3 days includes:

  • • 2 nights in a comfortable room
  • • Visiting the Old Town Gdańsk by Retro car with licensed guide
  • • Delicious breakfast buffet
  • • 2 dinner for 2 persons at Brovarnia Gdansk Restaurant (soup, main course and dessert of choice from our card and 0.5 l beer or a glass of wine per person)
  • • Unlimited access to the Saunas Med Spa (Finnish sauna with color therapy, steam sauna with star sky effect, salt-ice cave, lounge)



Price of package for 2 nights  

Double/twin room

1800 zl

Single room

1480 zł

Schedule of the tour

Visiting the Old Town Gdańsk by the Retro car with licensed guide  - duration of
about 2-3 h
During one and a half hour's tour you will find the most important monuments of Gdansk such as:
• Neptune's fountain,
• Artus Court,
• Gdansk Gates,
• The Crane
• St. Mary's Church (Ticket costs - Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary - 4 PLN / person)
• You will get to know the charms of Gdańsk streets.

All in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with the curiosities and legends of Old Gdansk


We also encourage other optional excursions that we can arrange:
World War Two Museum - visit one of the most interesting museum in Poland with audioguide or guide - minimum 3 hours. 


• Gdańsk - Westerplatte and Wisłoujście Fortress - visiting the place where the Second World War began on 1 September, 1939


Cruise on Hel-  The main attractions include the focarium and the Museum of Fisheries, where ancient boats and fishing equipment are collected.


Visiting the European Solidarity Center ECS - is a modern institution of culture that preserves the memory of the victory of Solidarity.


• Gdansk - Westerplatte Tourist Cruise,


• Visit the Arena Football Stadium


The entrance to the Experimental Science Center in Gdynia – it is an interactive exhibition whose main idea is teaching through play.

Entrance to the Hewelianum Center – it is located in the former fort, the Hewelianum Center is a combination of history with modern and interactive exhibitions.


• Gdansk Eye – AmberSky For a normal ticket 25 zł, for a discount 15 zł.

• Admission to all Tri-City museums, theaters, operas and philharmonic and many other attractions!


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