Med Spa in Gdańsk Hotel is one of the most modern beauty spas in Poland and the best such place in Gdańsk. Located on top floor of the Yachting part in Gdańsk Hotel, this 450m2 spa is one of the most hi-tech and new-fashioned spas in Poland.

In the studio part of Med Spa there are beauty studios, including a studio for two,  as well as manicure and pedicure studios.

The most important asset of this part of Med Spa is its top quality equipment, thanks to which it is possible to perform effective treatments for wellness, health as well as beauty and rejuvenating treatments.

In the remaining part of Med Spa there is a luxury Sauna Center. Our guests may use the ice-salt cave, a Finnish sauna with colour therapy, and a steam sauna with a sky full of stars. This part of Med Spa is very cosy,  thanks to such factors as a separate entrance, appropriate music, relaxing lighting as well as professional and discrete service of our personnel.

Contact: Med Spa Tel. 58 300 17 08 E-mail:


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