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History of Brewing – a package offer for beer lovers

 History of Brewing – a package offer for beer lovers

Did you know that 400 micro-breweries operated in Gdańsk ages ago? Gdańsk is known as  “the capital of beer-making” for a good reason. If you are interested in the history of the amber drink, this package offer is just for you. Combine your staying in Gdańsk with visiting the micro-brewery of Hotel Gdańsk, in which we brew the best beer in Poland. During the lecture on beer-making, given by our brewer, you will find out a lot about the beer production process and some interesting beer-related facts. You will learn about John Hevelius, who was not only a famous astronomer, mathematician and scientist, but also a brewer. As the most prominent brewer in Gdańsk, he was famous for his delicious beer, which he brewed himself. He was also the owner of several breweries. Johannes Hevelius came from a family truly gifted in beer-making. The legend has it that the brewmaster's grandson kept malt to brew the best “Jopejskie” beer in a granary, once known as “Góra”– today the location of Brovarnia of Hotel Gdańsk.

The “History of brewing” package is an excellent choice for people who would like to relax in a beer tasting atmosphere.

The “History of brewing” package includes:

  • Special dishes from the Hotel Gdańsk Restaurant: Beer-and-honey pork hock with smoked beer-and-apple puree, sauerkraut and mustard-coated mashed potatoes, combined with tasting beer from our brewery, including light, dark and wheat beer (3 x 0.3 l per person),
  • Opportunity to attend a lecture given by our brewer about the beer production process, including some interesting beer-related facts*,
  • Delicious buffet breakfasts in the Hotel Gdańsk Restaurant with regional products,
  • Regenerating beer massage which stimulates the body, improves blood circulation and boosts energy,
  • Unlimited access to the Sauna Centre of the Med Spa (a Finnish sauna with colour therapy, a steam sauna with a star-filled sky effect, a saline-ice cave and a relaxing hall),
  • Accommodation for two nights at Hotel Gdańsk in a double or single room.


*the date of the lecture must be confirmed not later than 3 days prior to arrival


Package price:

Price per one person in a single room – PLN 1229

Price per two people in a double room – PLN 1608

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